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SPJ Lighting

Outdoor, RLM, Decorative Lighting

At SPJ Lighting, Inc. our goal is to establish long lasting relationships with our customers. Such personal relationships create trust which we believe is the path to success.  Our experienced staff is committed to providing the best service in the lighting industry.  We are dedicated to our customer’s needs and are willing to do everything necessary to assure complete satisfaction. 
We are an American manufacturing company and specialize in outdoor lighting fixtures which are both sturdy and artistic made from solid brass and copper, a winning combination giving SPJ a reputation as the leader in the industry! Chemical finishes, such as our classic "Matte Bronze" and "Rusty" have changed the landscape lighting world forever and are the envy of our competitors (who have been trying for years to duplicate our signature finishes). Our finishes are guaranteed for life never to peel or flake.  
At SPJ Lighting Inc., we strive to supply the absolute best in landscape and architectural lighting for our clients.  Our product line includes everything from landscape lighting to custom fabrication of post lights, lanterns, step lights, and path lights, all with state of the art LED technology.  
Offering the BEST WARRANTY in the industry, our Forever Bright LED product line is 100% American made and is guaranteed for 20 years.   Add our lifetime warranty on our fixtures and it is clear that SPJ Lighting is your only choice for all of your outdoor lighting projects

SPJ Lighting

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