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LED Small Profile Linear, Display, Cove, Backlit Panels, Handrail, Small Aperture Accent

OptoLum is a leading manufacturer in the production of specification grade precision white LED lighting systems. Our products are designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of the lighting design community in conjunction with lighting designers. Each fixture is highly customizable to fit the unique challenges of every application and we work with you from the beginning to ensure that your vision is realized.

OptoLum is located in Tempe, Arizona and has been exclusively designing and manufacturing LED lighting systems since 2001. We are founded on the idea of creating a superior product that maximizes the potential of LEDs efficiency and lifespan though superior thermal management. We also proudly engineer, and manufacture all of our products here in the United States.

Every day we work hard to maintain a close relationship with each of our clients and are in business to support you!


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