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NLS Lighting

LED & HID Architectural and Outdoor, Area, Roadway, Decorative, and Sports

NLS Lighting, LLC is a fast growing commercial outdoor lighting manufacturer located in Southern California. Behind it stands a team with over 25+ years of experience on spec locking projects with concentration on Tennis / Sports and Automotive lighting. Our product line is 100% Made in the USA. Our exclusive patent-pending “Star Power” Reflector System make our Dark Sky friendly luminaires produce IES minimum light levels with the least amount of energy, fixtures and poles required.

By design and technology, NLS Lighting outperforms competitors with its cut-off, anti-glare, recessed hidden LEDs without the need to tilt. Our broad product line meets adequate specifications for every application including Site lighting, Parking Garages, Tennis + Sports, Automotive lighting, Wall Packs + Wall Sconces, Sports lighting. We provide our own Poles, Decorative Bases and Arms. Our strong team stands behind quality and performance. It is our dedication to provide efficiency and reliability. Our luminaires cast more light while lowering energy, improving uniformity and virtually eliminating lighting maintenance. NLS Lighting, LLC stands behind “Intelligent Light + Performance.”​

NLS Lighting

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