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Nemalux Industrial

Illuminate the process with the future of intelligent lighting.

Light is one of the most persistent and significant variables in a person’s life.  The intimate understanding of this technology is our passion and focus. This knowledge includes in-depth studies of wavelengths their effects, interfaces, and controls.

Nemalux was created by innovative thinking as we’ve anticipated the lighting paradigm shift of LEDs. We have developed a full line of LED products which continue to lead the industry with their technology and their design.

Nemalux has improved energy efficient, robust, waterproof and hazardous location approved luminaires. These products are designed to provide lighting for areas where water, vibration, maintenance or temperature negatively affects conventional illumination. We’ve combined the long-life and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) with the brightness of conventional lighting.

Nemalux fixtures were developed for lighting in industrial locations. Its brand was established to fill a market niche for low profile, hazardous location lighting where fluorescent and incandescent lights could not compete.  Nemalux has built its name on durable, high quality and safe LED luminaires.

Nemalux Industrial

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