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Lighting and Power Technologies

Lighting and Power Technologies LLC is a professional electrical  lighting manufacturer headquartered in Plano, Texas with  state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China. For the past 34 years, the  company has focused on the production of high-end electrical lighting  products for the USA and European markets, branding American private  label products and supplying the largest lighting technology companies  in the United States.


With an emphasis on R&D and customer support, our over-seas  facilities have been recognized as the gold standard domestically as  well as abroad. Our factory holds numerous certifications and houses a  UL testing facility on-site, and is among the largest electrical ballast  manufacturers.


Lighting and Power Technologies LLC carries an array of electrical  lighting products including a full range of Deltek Magnetic HID  Ballasts, E-HID Ballasts, Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts, Compact  Fluorescent Ballasts,  Watran LED  Drivers, and LED commercial, industrial, and utility lighting fixtures ready for shipment worldwide.

Lighting and Power Technologies

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